Alexander Hautekiet


Club Manager at Damme Golf & Country Club about Gooofy Golfers

Alexander Hautekiet & Gooofy Golfers

The first ever European Gooofy Golfers Trophy organized in Damme, Belgium was a great success. Also Community Club Manager Alexander Hautekiet was very happy to host this event.

It was a great experience for all the club members and Gooofy Golfers invites. The event was professional and well organized by Gooofy Golfers. A price giving and reception as never seen before.

Gooofy Golfers price reception at Damme Golf & Country Club — may 29
Gooofy Golfers price table

The Damme Golf & Country Club is also happy to inform all its members about Gooofy Golfers and the first ever Gooofy Golfers Clubhouse Edition NFT the club received as a gift. This fractional NFT will bring thousands of euros to the club to support its youth-working.

First Ever Gooofy Golfers Clubhouse Edition fractional NFT



Gooofy Golfers

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