Gooofy Golfers Trophy at Damme G&C Club 2022

Gooofy Golfers
2 min readMay 9, 2022


Damme Golf and Country Club will host our first Gooofy Golfers Trophy in Europe on May 29, 2022.

29 May 2022

Damme G&C Club is a closed golf club which organizes games for its members. This Gooofy Golfers Trophy has an exclusive opportunity for Gooofy Golfers to play on the Damme course as well (a Gooofy Golfer holds at least one Gooofy Golfers NFT).

Gooofy Golfers can not only enjoy the game but will have some great discount on the greenfee too (55 euro instead of 100 euro).

We are also very happy to welcome some Belgian sports celebs and golfers such as Marc Degryse, Michel Preud’homme and golf youth talent Mathis Besard who also join the game.

It will be an awesome day for everyone who is joining this event in one way or another. Golfers will enjoy the fantastic course and competition with each other, while other visitors will embrace the wonderful location, clubhouse, restaurant, learn more about Gooofy Golfers NFT project and merchandise.

The price ceremony and reception will bring many smiles on many faces. All attendants will be offered a glass and bites. Gooofy Golfers have arranged a great set of prices and gifts. The main winners will definitely enjoy their Gooofy Golfers NFTs, which already have a great value, as part of the overall prices. Gooofy Golfers also has a great surprise for Damme G&C Club as well.

After the price ceremony DJ F.R.A.N.K will kick off the afterparty for 2 more hours. Gooofy Golfers like to party and have a lot of fun. Make sure you won’t miss this event!

Summary of players categories:

  1. Ladies & Gents till HCP 14,4
  2. Ladies & Gents till HCP 24,4
  3. Ladies & Gents till HCP 36
  4. Ladies & Gents till HCP 45
  5. Ladies & Gents Rabbits — HCP 47 till 48
  6. Ladies & Gents Presidents 9 — HCP 45,1 till 46

All categories have a great set of prices to win. On top of that, we have some giveaways which can be won by everyone who attends the price ceremony and the after party.

If you want to play the Gooofy Golfers Trophy as a golfer or want to attend this great day and party, please click following link for registration:



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