Paul Louis Hofmans

Interview with the Gooofy Golfers’ founders in Dubai

Barbara from ‘Slim Beleggen’ flew all the way to the Emirate state Dubai to catch the founders of Gooofy Golfers for an insight interview of this project.

Ali Asad Naqvi

What is the NFT project all about?

Where does it come from?

What’s in it for me?

What can we expect to get?

Why should I join the NFT space?

Why should I become a Gooofy Golfer?

Take a few minutes of your time and listen carefully to this one of a kind opportunity because it’s worth it.



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Gooofy Golfers

Gooofy Golfers

Gooofy Golfers is the first ever PFP NFT project representing Golf Community in Metaverse. Follow our blog to learn more about our partnerships and updates!