Wonderful first European Gooofy Golfers Trophy

Gooofy Golfers
2 min readJun 8, 2022


Gooofy Golfers Trophy May 29–2022

Gooofy Golfers is not just another NFT project. It is the first and biggest NFT project for the golf space to start with, but is also one of the 1% projects with IRLs. Almost none of the NFT projects you look at will tell you who is behind it or will organize any ‘In Real Live’ events. Therefore alone Gooofy Golfers is unique!

Please enjoy the after-movie from the first European Gooofy Golfers Trophy at Damme Golf & Country Club last May 29.

Damme Golf & Country Club

It was held at one of the most beautiful golf clubs in Belgium.
All players were so excited about the way it was setup and organized.

We never had such an amazing price-table.
Great to have DJ F.R.A.N.K there as well.

Belgian’s best party DJ F,R,A,N,K

What about our Belgian celeb golf players Michel Preud’homme, Marc Degryse and Mathis Bésard, awesome!

Frank De Pauw aka Gooofy Ambassador — Michel Preud’homme — Mathis Bésard — Marc Degryse

You can’t wait for our next IRL? Our community too.



Gooofy Golfers

Gooofy Golfers is the first ever PFP NFT project representing Golf Community in Metaverse. Follow our blog to learn more about our partnerships and updates!